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                                                               The BOSS BRAID HI-LITE braid is braided from 8 high
                                                               quality  PE  yarns  with  a  bride  construction  that  is
                                                               designed to give the best combination of suppleness
                                                               and strength. It is soft as silk and very thin. X8 will cast
                                                               further due to its suppleness. Practically no memory
                                                               and zero stretch.

                                                               Superior Knot Strength and Smooth Surface

                                                               Color Change Every 10 Meters

                                                                                   HI-LITE BRAID
                                                                 300M     600M     DIAMETER    BREAKING STRENGTH
                                                                 130591   130595    0.23mm       30lb       13.6kg
                                                                130592    130596    0.28mm       40lb       18.2kg
                                                                130593    130597    0.30mm       50lb       22.7kg
                                                                130594    130598    0.40mm       80lb       36.4kg

          LEADER BRAID

          BOSS BRAID’S Leader Braid undergoes a specialized
          surface  coating  process  using  DuPont™  Teflon®
          Surface  Protector.  Improving  knot  strength  while
          presenting a smooth gliding, low resistance, line.

          Manufactured  from  Premium  Polyethylene  yarns
          BOSS  BRAID’S  Eight  Strand  Leader  braid  offers
          superior durability with eight times greater abrasion

                             LEADER BRAID
                 50M         DIAMETER    BREAKING STRENGTH
                130589         0.35mm       60lb      27.2kg
                130590         0.43mm       80lb      36.2kg
                130547         0.47mm      100lb      45.5kg
                130548         0.62mm      120lb      54.5kg
                130549         0.70mm      150lb      68.2kg
                130550         0.80mm      200lb      90.9kg
                130551         0.90mm      250lb      114.0kg
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